“Tiger King,You also mean this little girl.,Just start from that two stinky boy.。”Golden big python spit out a few words,The tail pointed to Lin Yu and Lin Dao Xuan two guys。

“Lin Yu,Lincao Xuan,Give me start。”Tiger king spit a few golden big words annoyed。
“Yes,Master。”Lin Yu and Lin Daoxuan have a smile,The two guys each took the wine to the willow。
“no,One person gave me three jars。”Tiger King spit a few words。
Willow laughs,Surgery between the words, one of the people, grabbing the wine jar,Sixth jarm wine directly opened,The six water flow is broken,It’s like flowing water into the mouth of Liu.。
Drink between。
“applaud!”Gold rush to spit a few golden big fields。
“Flaw!”Thundered applause。
Everyone began to queue toast,Fortunately, Liu is deep,This is resistant to these wine,A banquet that is hot,Lin Feng is even a golden big snake,Tiger King,Evil turtle,狠 酒 酒。
Later,Sichuan Luo Sakuo,Evil,Night cold, come here,Whole liquor,I have been drinking the next evening.,This banquet ends,After the banquet is over,Many wonderful flowers on the stone table。
Drink tea,After eating the fruit, everyone talent。
Lin Feng http://www.szedfkqnxwimws.cn and others returned to the ten-way killing。
“correct,Lin proud,Jie Ya?”Lin Feng suddenly smiled and looked at Lin You Dao behind him.,After returning, I didn’t see Jieya.。
“Big brother,Jie Shengya now Dark City。”Lin You smiled。
“Have you met??”Lin Feng asked。
“This must be。”Lin You laughs and laughs。
“There is no opinion on the dark city.?”Lin Feng asked。
“Temporary opinion。”Lin Ao smiled and explained:“But let people come out to make a few times.,I don’t want to have problems.。”
“Don’t be too arrogant,When you progress,Others are also progressing,Never don’t look at your opponent。”Lin Feng heard whispered。
“Yes,Big brother。”Lin You respectful。
“You tell Jeana,I will visit the dark city tomorrow.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Big brother,Do you feel that Yeah chaos returned??”Lin Prozy http://www.npeople.cn suddenly asked。
“What is the difference between it??”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“He knows that I am going to,Naturally appear。”
“Ok,Big brother,I am talking to Jie Yatong.。”Lin You smiled:“Big brother,Thanks a lot。”
“Less nonsense,Go quickly!”Lin Feng smiled:“Go directly to the dark city,Let’s drink a few more glasses with you first.,quick!”
“Yes Yes!”Lin Proh He wristed and smirked。
“Prepare and they meet?”The night clear cold came over and asked。
“It’s meeting。”Lin Feng smiled and walked the little hand of the night cold.:“We are also ready.。”
“Um!”Night Qing Hao Wen Yan nodded,I immediately turned around with Lin Feng.。
Dark City,A beautiful blonde woman standing inside a small garden,Her white vein is holding a mobile phone,Gently press a button,Then sit in the small courtyard。
Distant http://www.shenghuizhipin.cn starry sky。
A dead planet,A Yingwei blonde man sitting,There is a kind of gas in the body,This person is the chaos。
Behind the chaotic, standing on the Yea and Hitra。
Yeah suddenly opened his eyes,Take a iron box,Hague with a smile:“Lin Feng,You didn’t let me down。”The figure of the Yeah chaotic stations got up。
The confusing airflow directly wraps Hitra and the LORD in it.。
He stepped out to the earth,Fast arrivals an unimaginable point,Just a dozen breathing time,His figure came to the sky in the earth.,Then I went to the Dark City of the West。
Almost lightning appears in a small courtyard in the Dark City。
“elder brother!”A blond woman came out,This woman has a body,Glamorous,Jeana。
“Jie Ya,you are getting more beautiful。”Yeah chaos,Extending your hands and put Jiexi Ya。

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