How to add water in summer without heatstroke recommended cooling soup


How to add water in summer without heatstroke recommended cooling soup

Recommended summer soup, milk, sweet-scented osmanthus turtle paste ingredients: 1 box of turtle paste, 1 bag of whole milk, half a spoon of sugar osmanthus, half a spoonful of honey.

Practice: Put the turtle paste into a large glass bowl, smash it with a knife, pour it into the refrigerator and take out the cold milk. Finally, add honey and sugar osmanthus and mix well. Stir in a small bowl and serve.

Opinion: This dessert combines the flavor of turtle paste and the sweetness of sweet-scented osmanthus. It is delicious and delicious, and it can be supplemented with calcium and protein by milk.

Suitable for dessert or cold meals.

Peanut Lily Shasha Ingredients: 100 grams of red beans, 1 dried lily, 1 peanut, 1 spoon of rose sauce, 1 spoon of honey: Wash red beans and lily, soak in the refrigerator for 24 hours in advance.

Pour the red beans, lilies and peanuts into the pressure cooker. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat for 30 minutes and turn off the heat.

After the pressure cooker is naturally cooled, open the lid, put it into a small bowl, let it cool at room temperature or put it in the refrigerator, and mix it with rose sauce and honey.

Opinion: This dessert adds a supply of B vitamins and potassium while supplementing plant proteins.

The flavor is rich and the taste is soft.

Suitable for appetizing soup, cold drink or nightingale.

Lotus seed chicken soup ingredients: 4 chicken wings, 10 chicken hearts, 2 lotus seeds, 1 water fungus, onion, ginger, pepper, fragrant leaves, salt, pepper amount.

Practice: chicken wings and chicken heart washed, lotus seeds, fungus washed after washing, dry water, onion ginger washed slices.

Put the chicken wings and chicken heart in a cold water casserole, add 4 small bowls of water, boil and remove the floating foam.

Put the lotus seeds in the casserole, the onion ginger slices, add a variety of spices, and simmer for 1 hour.

Add the fungus, add the appropriate salt, continue to cook for 10 minutes, and finally season with pepper, then you can eat.

Opinion: Summer is hot, people are easily upset, drinking delicious soup is good for calming mood, but also helps to supplement protein, vitamin B, iron, zinc and salt.

For people with bad stomach, after eating cold drinks and melons in the summer, the stomach is often cold. You can add a little ginger in the soup to promote blood circulation in the stomach, and you will feel very comfortable.

The soup is delicious. After the soup, the chicken wings and the chicken heart are fished out. Add a little seasoning and mix it. It is a good cold dish.

Minced egg flower corn glutinous rice raw materials: 1 egg, 50 grams of chicken breast, half bowl of frozen sweet corn kernels, salt seasoning, 2 bowls of chicken soup, water starch amount.

Practice: chicken breast meat into a lotus, add some salt and water starch to mix; egg beaten, add a few drops of cooking wine and some salt; sweet corn kernels chopped.

Add the chicken broth to the boil, add the sweet corn kernels and mix well, and cook for 3 minutes.

After the water boils, add the appropriate amount of water starch, then mix well with the chicken.

Finally, break into the egg liquid, stir quickly, and cook for 2 minutes.

Opinion: This egg tart can supplement protein, vitamin A and a variety of B vitamins, while absorbing digestion.

Chicken broth can be replaced with minced pork or minced beef, and vegetarians can be replaced with tofu.

Switching to hot and sour soup, West Lake beef steak and so on have similar effects, but the method is slightly more complicated.

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