Chapter 539 Xu Ruzhen’s slap

Think of the time with the other party in the county,At that time, it was a ugly duckling became a beautiful swan.。
Thinking of the other party is not confident。
Think of the lingering with each other,Bone lingering。
Li Hui felt that he was like lost soul.。
Wang Jing looked at his son holding a mobile phone and shouted.。
“breeze,Are you OK?”
“fine,mom,I will go to the orchard first.。”
Finish,Li Hui Hui took directly to the mobile phone and felt that there was no strength.,Going and going to the orchard。
Inside the small courtyard to the orchard residence,He saw the unparalleled yard。
Come to the room,He saw every clean room that cleaned.,Even the kitchen is all packed and new。
But all this seems to explain one with him.,That is that the person is really gone.,I may even leave again.。
Qin Su Ya’s walk,No information left,No reason,Even let Li speak with the wind, I don’t know where I am wrong.?
Sun Yaru picks up the words that will be deleted.。
But Qin Su Ya is even if I have a thought.。
On the evening,He is a photo in Qin Suya mobile phone over and over again.,The photos are all in the small courtyard of Qin Su, Qin Ya.,Selfie in the room。
I haven’t known how long,The tears in his eyes also can’t control the flow.。
Perhaps it is a manner,More proliferation, he is really hurting.。
the next day,He is still awkward,Even when Yang Tie is looking for him,He feels that there is no idea who wants to take care of each other.。
Third day,He or even no longer drinking,When Wang Jing is coming, I will persuade it to persuade it.。
Wang Jing himself did not think that Li Hui Feng will be so deep to Qin Suya.。
I used to think that Li Hui is in the grass.,Even if you have gone a girl, it is not a big deal.。
After all, there is so much.,And before the departure of Sun Yaru,She also knows,But I didn’t think that Qin Su Ya will actually let my son don’t eat for three days and three nights.。
“breeze,Let’s take a meal.,You will have a problem like this.。”
Three days of don’t eat,Li Hui’s whole person feels that it is slimming.。
“mom,I’m not hungry,I want someone to be quiet.。”
Li Hui Feng said that it is lying on the bed again.,Continue to watch the photo in the phone。
Next day,How can I persuade my parents?,Li Hui is still not eating。
Until the seventh day,Li Hui fainted directly。
this moment,The frightened Wang Jing also can’t care.,Directly sent Li with the wind with Li Shouye。
In the hospital,Wang Jing is also crying,I don’t know how to persuade my son.。
Li Shouye did not say,It’s just a face of a woman who looks at Li Hui Feng in the hospital bed.。
Li Hui, who has played a little nutritious in the hospital, finally woke up。
But his double-eyed is still without anything.。
He didn’t understand why Qin Ya is now。
Wang Jing and Li Shouying looked at the son’s look,Distressing。
Finally, Wang Jing wants a way is not a way.。
“Old man,I am going to find a little.,I feel except for the little,Who is this kid, I can’t hear it.。”
Li Shouye is also sighing:“we can only do this。”

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