Contraindications to diet

Contraindications to diet

Sweating drugs should be used to prevent coldness, spleen and stomach drugs should not be greasy, swelling and qi drugs should not be beans, antitussive and asthma drugs should not be fishy, and antidiarrheal drugs should be forbidden.

  These taboos mainly include: pork black plum, platycodon grandiflorum, Coptis chinensis, hydrangea yellow, lily, atractylodes; mutton anti-pinellia, calamus, copper, dansha; dog meat anti-pokeweed, avoid almonds; catfish anti-Magnolia officinalis, avoid wheat winter;Pig blood avoids Rehmannia, Polygonum multiflorum; pig heart avoids Evodia rutaecarpa; carp avoids cinnabar; boiled bogey avoids Atractylodes, plum; green onion avoids Changshan, Dihuang, Polygonum multiflorum; honey;, Wei Lingxian bogey tea and so on.

  Taboos on food and food compatibility The ancients also had some taboos on food and food compatibility. Although the truth is not sufficient, it can be used as a reference in medicated applications.

  These taboos are: pork avoid buckwheat, pigeon meat, catfish, soy beans; mutton avoid vinegar; dog meat avoids garlic; catfish avoids mustard, pork liver; pork blood avoids soybeans; pork liver avoids buckwheat, bean paste, carp intestines, fish meat; carp avoidsDog meat; turtle meat avoid amaranth, wine, fruit; catfish avoid dog meat, dog blood; bird meat avoid boar liver; duck eggs avoid mulberry, plum; chicken meat mustard, glutinous rice, plum; chicken meat avoid pork, rabbit, duck, Amaranth, eggs, etc., the application of these taboos is mainly to make the popularity lag, wind, sores, disease and so on.

  Four seasons diet should avoid food at four o’clock, that is to adapt to the changes in nature at four o’clock, and adjust their diet appropriately.

This view of four seasons food adjustment is based on the overall concept of TCM health.

Diet is an aspect of the human body’s connection with the outside world. Therefore, diet should also be adapted to the natural climate change and make corresponding adjustments.

  In spring and March, the human liver gas is in order, so diet should reduce acid and sugar, so as not to cause too much liver gas, especially those with high body liver yang. It is best to repeat it in spring. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to diet regulation, it is best to prevent it with drugs., You can use sweet food to raise your temper.

  In summer and March, the climate is hot, and the digestive function of the human body is reduced. Therefore, you should eat light and digestible food. Pay special attention to eating more nutritious vegetables and fruits.

  Sweating crystals in the summer, and the fluid is relatively deficient. Therefore, a moderate amount of cold drinks such as “mung bean soup” is added to replenish moisture and clear the heat.

However, it is not advisable to overdo cold drinks, otherwise it will be harmful and useless.

  The Chinese people have a habit of drinking tea to relieve the heat since ancient times.

Modern research proves that in addition to crude fiber, gum, and chlorophyll, tea also contains alkaloids, flavonoids, feed quality, vitamins, ergosterol, volatile oil, and a small amount of niacin, thiamine, folic acid, protein, protein,Minerals, etc.
Tea drinking can refresh the mind, relieve fatigue, and enhance memory.

Therefore, drinking tea to relieve heat in summer is more effective than cold drinks.

  Autumn and March are the seasons for gastrointestinal diseases. At this time, special attention should be paid to food hygiene to prevent “illness from the mouth.”

In addition, after the beginning of autumn, do not greet cold drinks and cold foods, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach.

  In winter and March, the yin is flourishing and the yang is weak, which is a better time for the weak tonic tonic.

The key to nourishing in winter is tonic. There are many tonic products, which can be suitable for people.

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