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After a long time, I finally got a chapter。In addition,The author Jun created a book friend group,Group number:</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
Welcome to join the group。</p>
In addition,Author’s two books《I’m not a actor》,《Crossing the Worlds from the Special Forces》inqqReading can be found</p>
First307chapter Male god is coming
After the bus stopped,Su Luo and the others were taken by the staff in suits to different places.。</p>
After all the positions,Director Yao Ze shouted through the radio microphone:“All in place,Ready to start shooting。”</p>
Make sure that there are no flaws in each link,Yao Ze shouted:“action。”Represents the official opening of the first phase of the second season of running men。</p>
Screen turn,First of all, the protagonist Seiya in Saint Seiya played by Super Brother appears.,A mess of hair,Wearing a headgear,I already try to imitate Seiya’s clothes in the anime。</p>
It’s just super brother’s appearance,It’s hard to look at it directly。</p>
I guess if Seiya is like this,That’s not a good memory,It’s a nightmare。</p>
Li Chen,Group blue them,Almost everyone is a character in Saint Seiya。</p>
After everyone showed up,Is the routine of the director group,Issue missions to the Six Saints Warriors,Let them protect the goddess Athena。</p>
Subsequently,These people came to the real world,That is to appear。</p>
Even met,But at this moment I can’t help but laugh when I see Peter’s look。</p>

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