Limbs are full of explosive power!

Li Qingqiu waved his hand,Said:“Qin Geyou Ling,tonight,You have to follow me on mission。”
One of the boys said:“Where’s Brother Qin?”
Li Qingqiu raised his head,Sighed。
Everyone thinks Brother Qin has something important to do。
Li Qingqiu said:“Went with sister-in-law。”
Li Qingqiu turned sternly:“This little task,Do you still need Brother Qin to do it himself?!Isn’t that training you for nothing?!”
Aniu is very excited,This is after I practiced it,Perform the task for the first time。
“Manager Li,What task。”
Li Qingqiu sternly said:“Within one night,Swing the dark world of Nancheng,Clean out Lin Zhicheng’s power。”
First task,Is it so difficult!
Within one night!Clean up the dark world of Nancheng,It seems to them,Is impossible!
The mayor of Nancheng has worked so hard for so many years,Also failed to calm down the dark world,I couldn’t even clean up。
Brother Qin wants them to sweep the entire dark world in one night?
They looked at each other,I really don’t have this confidence。
Li Qingqiu coughed twice,Said:“Brother Qin said,This for you,Not difficult,Nancheng has no big fish anymore。”
“This mission,It’s also a chance for you to try something,You must perform well,Don’t disappoint Brother Qin’s expectations!”

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