First258chapter Run-in(A Tao88Add three more)

Mainland filming,It’s not like Eastern Hollywood in another world,Supported by the scenery,Dare to use the set stage in any scene,Really admirable。
Even in the poorest time on the mainland,Always insist on real shooting。
As for who you need,Just bring a few camps over to help。
Now the market opens.Let go,Then those who are looking for,Also need money。
But that’s not to say that I’m shooting a crowded scene,Just give each of these hundreds of actors a day’s wages。
At least you have to change ten sets of clothes,Take ten different shots,Take up the whole day,Make the best use of it。
As for how to take ten shots,It depends on the abilities of the assistant director and the filming director,They need to take out the related similar scenes in each story separately to shoot。
Wait until later post-production,Put these lenses in。
Sometimes the hero and heroine also have to take ten such shots in such a day,So as to avoid constant tossing later。
But the really experienced director,Will avoid too many scenes with too many people。
Because the more people,It means that the more dragon actors,Resulting inBUGThe greater the chance。
Didn’t you make a joke the year before last??

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