He has seen these people in Lijia Old House in Chang’an.,All guards。

Soon http://www.caihlj.cn arrived,And Li Tian and others confront。
The faces of the two sides are more dignified,The atmosphere is also suppressed in an instant。
Xing Jian immediately said,“Take him away,Who do I dare to block?。”
After the words,There are two guards to move towards summer。
“Haha,Want to fight?Okay.。”
Li Tian just laughed,A sound,I took a big knife behind it.,And his people also bright weapons。
See this,The guardian http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn is naturally refused to weaken,I also forward。
Two other tigers。
Sword is arrogant。x8
Xing Jian slowly came,Face with a proud color。
“Li Tian,I don’t know where you hide so many years.,Who is it?,But today,No one can take people from my hands。”
Toned,He is cold,“You can’t,Tiara,It’s not that Tian Wang is coming.,The dignity of the Guardian Alliance is not trampled!”
His words have not finished,Suddenly,A cold voice slowed。
“I have to trample on your dignity of your guardian alliance today.,Do you have anyone?!”
。Wonderful book house
First1617Chapter Strong mess
“I have to trample on your dignity of your guardian alliance today.,Do you have anyone?!”
Sound quality。
Be very cold。
Very light。
Very light。
When the sound of this sentence is incorporated into the ear,But like a thunder,I am shocked in their ear.。
Good http://www.xjinsuo.cn powerful sound domain!x8
Who is!
Everyone follows the direction of the direction.。
How much,I didn’t see people。
Xing Jian immediately cold,“Who is!Gain,Can you see people?,Roll out!”
No one responded。
After a dozen seconds,The sound came。
It is still the voice of the woman before。

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