unfortunately,The food is still slightly slow。

“Have you eaten?I want to treat you to dinner……Thank you so much!And my dad will be discharged soon……”
Cai Yuhe admitted and asked。
“That’s good!tell him,Don’t have to do that in the future……I have resolved!”Fang http://www.finnspace.cn Yu http://www.gyhuijing.cn seriously。
“solved?Doctor http://www.bjztba.cn Fang, are you kidding me??”
Cai Yuhe Surprised。
“Do you think I have time to say these boring things?”
Fang Yu sternly。
“That’s not……Just feel a little sudden。and,They are not easy to find!”
Cai Yuhe muttered。
She can breathe a sigh of relief。
“That’s it for now……I still have to eat!”Fang Yu said。
“Sorry……That tonight,We are here or there!”
Finished,Cai Yuhe hung up the phone。
Fang Yu speechless,Dinner was arranged again。
And Doctor Bi’s supper。
Fang Yu feels like this,Three meals a day,All arrangements。
Saw the food brought,Fang Yu ate himself。

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