A highway section of Zhongzhou City,A black car is driving,Stop on the side of the road,The door opened the two men in the door.,One of these two people is Qin Ba。

It is a middle-aged man with Qin Bawei.,Middle-aged man wearing a black windbreaker,Fang Zheng face,Fierce,His face is gloomy, such as water。
This person is not someone else,It is the Ming Qiusi。
Sales of half-step martial arts level,Serve as a vice president in the President。
“Qin Ba,What happened to you think??”Ming Qiusheng is carrying hands and looking at the void road,It turned out that the http://www.wmcyw.cn conclusion sent the killer to chase to kill the scriptures.,But there is no news now,So they contact these people,But these people can’t contact it.。
Suddenly,They realized the problem.,According to the positioning system on these people,They find this area。
“It is likely to be extinguished。”Qin Ba Tianwangwei:“But I can’t think of who shoots,I asked when I came back to Heaven.,Just he and his secretary,Although the people who are to home,But martial arts is not,It is difficult to avoid bullets。”
“there,Let’s go there。”At this time, Ming Qiusheng’s light suddenly looked at the distance.,He smelled a burning taste。
“it is good!”Qin Bawen Wen Yan said that the figure flew。
After dozens of breathing,Two people come to the Datang vehicle that is still burning.。
“This should be the Tang Dynasty to Tianjing,Self-destruction http://www.huajiaojidian.com.cn system,Datang sedan exploded。”Qin Ba Tian light stared at this lane,He is from the police station,Naturally know the secrets who don’t know others。
“Self-destructive?He can’t commit suicide。”Qin Bawei’s face is gloomy and suddenly:“The taste of chemical milk powder,not good,They were out of mouth。”His screams are stunned to the surrounding ground,The final eye is on a ground。
NS110chapter Mingqiu
Mingqiu’s face is mixed with water,Ugly。
The horror of the evil powder is known.,Can melt a flesh and blood,Will it melt,It is a cutlery that destroys a corpse。
It’s just the chemical powder is the poison of Southeast Asian.,Be unique,How can I appear here??Is it a person who is from Southeast Asian??
“蟾?”Mingqiu’s face,If this is the case,Everything is a bit spicy.,The forces of help are very powerful。
http://www.xinchudz.cn Be good at taking poison,Unearthly,Even if the converging will be jealous of three points。
“Maybe a person who is extinguished to buy the corpse powder??”Qin Ba suddenly asked。
“蟾 帮 化 粉 粉 粉 的 的 的,Unless you rob,But people who can open to help,Unless you die。”Ming Qiusi’s touch。
“Hope is a life and death。”Qin Bawei faint。
“This matter I notify the president,Let the president contact Southeast Asia’s 蜍。”Mingqiu students carrying hands:“Be sure to find out this matter,At the same time, send people to find life and death。”
“no problem。”Qin Bawei。
“I must die to Tiannan.!”Ming Qiusheng kills the sky,They are very difficult to cultivate a political figure.,It was first,It is killed in prison.,This makes Mingqiu students anger。
“Born brother,When is it destroyed from the Chinese??”Qin Bawei Face:“I can’t control it now.,If you don’t play the rest of these people,I have long been a director of the Central Police Department of the Central China.。”
“I am not said.,I will come here with the people who will never have evil gangs.,Every house10Shares,Otherwise kill innocent,Dominery,Sometimes life is more uncomfortable。”Ming Qiusi’s touch:“I don’t want to be distinguished.,Or make money,Get a few percentage points for you。”
“Thank youn,Born brother,Simply exactly。”Qin Bawei is a crazy road,He naturally knows the horror of the company’s jewelry processing sales in this month.。

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