If the summer is talking about……And she wanted everyone to throw it away from the stone lion,It’s just in the face of it.,Let her hate to find a slit。

“In fact, I can’t affirm it.,They are fan unicorn,But……Stone and stripes on them……”
Summer comes around for a week,“Maybe you have not paying attention,But I found out,Striped pattern formed by stone lion,And the characters of the Red Cliff Tianshu are extremely similar,This or
Xu is also why they can be able to erhastize thousands of years。”
He also looked at the old man who did not express,“Grandfather,I am only aware of this.,So I only study the Red Cliff Heaven.?Even if it is today,The old man seems to be free.
Examination school,It is further implied that you,I hope that one day, someone is interested or unintentional.,Discover the stripe shapes above the stone lion,Maybe you will give you curiosity
Heart,Go to the investigation,Unfortunately……”
In the summer, it is like a fried thunder.,Everyone’s head of the fried present is a bit。
The red yellow stripes on the stone lion and the weird characters of the red cliff day?
Of course, no attention,If it is not treated in summer today,Will not http://www.ncets.cn pay attention。
The legendary Fengchan unicorn put a decades in front of the old house.,They didn’t know anyone,Even no one cares,Instead, think that the low level,Is the rubbish throw away
This silent face makes everyone’s face feels hot and hot.。
Master is sighing,“In fact,These years,I am also afraid.。”
Everyone is so sweet。
“That is。”
Summer is nodded,Laugh,“After all, hundreds of kings will come to Zen Tiandi with it.,Zeng Feng Zen unicorn has been psychic,But I think this should be
Be unhappy,Its real value is still in the historical value,I just said that they can buy the entire dragon city.,In fact, it is still conservative.……”
Say,He pays attention to Luojia people a pair of burning eyes,Shake your head,Laugh。
“Do you care about it?,As for what to sell money,I http://www.zjnk120.cn don’t want to think about it.,This is the national treasure,No one can afford,No one dares to buy,Today being broken
,Although you are all Luojia people,But only the country is right.,Only this,Maybe you will bring some unexpected gains for your Luxian.。”
Narrate,Several Luojia people who have been worn in the mind are inevitably,The words behind summer have made them bright。
Even if it is the country,It will definitely bring the benefits of Noro, Luojia.。
“Unfortunately, the father of the old man。”
Summer mouth can’t say a sarcasm,“I am afraid that you have some patient.,Slightly a slightly curiosity,Can discove a touch,I believe that these years
The child did not change the magazine hint you.……”
There is no left.,Everyone including Luo Tianfeng,Every one is regrettable,Ashamed。
And the old man http://www.cchxsgc.cn is old and honest.,Look at the eyes of the summer and sigh again,The more you look, the better。

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