“Ha ha,Of course, it is dissatisfied.。”

Master is smiling,“When the main gatekeeper entered here,Have http://www.jzdjzx.cn a lot of people against it?,the most important is,The gods of the gods seem to be in the outside.,And obviously injured,What to do here。”
Merely,He reached out two fingers,“First,Come here to hide the enemy home,Second,Want to let the door to treat,If the former is,Do not agree with the rules here,If it is the latter……That’s fine.,Let the door to treat the door,She must pay a considerable price,In case the world needs the main appearance,What should she do?”
Summary in the eyes of summer,Be called。
“How did the old master see that I am serious??”
“The body is like a broken box,Floodly,It can be seen from a person.。”
The old man is oblique to the summer,“Not Dantian is a huge sea,Want to repair such heavy,In addition to requiring specific methods,It also needs to continue to support other people’s interests.,At http://www.xkobld.cn least three months can completely heal。I guess it is right,The injury is Dantian and gas sea.。”
“More serious than that。”
Summer is not hidden,“Dantian is not hurt,But the snow mountains and the gas sea are almost abolished.,Broken bridge。”
Old man is shocked,Suddenly widened,“Broken bridge?Good guy,This is more difficult,Requires the gold needle bridge can be repaired,What did the kid have encountered?。”
http://www.zgrcedu.cn “And a cave expert,The result was sneak attack by another cave.。”
After hearing,The old man can’t help but take a breath,Rotate the summer and down。
“Will n’t it be the young man named summer??”
Summer,“You know me?”
“Hey,Why don’t I know?,Not only I know,All villagers know。”
Old man,“We don’t enter the world,Does not mean really isolated from the world,Twenty-five-year-old cave,I have heard it.。”
at the same time。
Village Northern Region,A bamboo forest。
The gate of the door is quiet and quietly,Like a statue of a statue。
Sha sand sand。
At this time,Footsteps。
“master,I brought her.。”
With the sound,Gone。
Following the face of Victoria。

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