“good,The white man should be a toad,This person is determined that the black and white hand must be killed.,So when I saved the black and white hand,This person does not know。”Lin Feng nodded。

“That’s good,Nowadays a person is a person。”Honghai point head:“Where is he now?”
“Just in my room,Is there any of this silver needle??”Lin Feng took out a silver needle to give Honghai.。
“have no idea。”Honghai looked at this silver needle shakes his head:“What did my big brother??”
“I was assassinated by a female assassin in the room.,This assassin was injured by me.,I am chasing it.,Unfortunately,Fortunately, I met the black and white hand killed.。”Lin Feng’s mouth revealed a bitter,This is something,Relationship with assassination。
“what?Big brother was assassinated?”Hong Hai heard the face is difficult to see,This is simply assassing your big brother under your eyelid.。
“Who is such a big courage?!”Cheetah and other people heard a murder。
“A woman,very young,Extremely good at assassination。”Lin Feng does not matter a smile:“You don’t have a big strange。”
“woman?Big brother,How is this person??”Hong Haichen frown。
“Should be with you a level,According to the frontal battle,I am not necessarily an opponent,But she assassines with the poison needle,Misunderstanding I lost combat power,This was injured by me.。”Lin Feng Road。
“A level?very young,Good at assassination,This person is very likely to be the daughter of the Heavenly President.。”Honghai’s face is ugly。
“Director of the Southern Session?”Lin Feng heard the surprise。
“I’m not sure,Tiannan will assassinate the championship,This woman is a daughter http://www.szkssk.cn of the Toutonic President.,Strength and I don’t,The assassination hall is dedicated to doing some things that are not,If you have money?,You can also hire them to kill。”Hong Hai explained。
“so it is。”Lin Feng frowned,If it is the words of the north,That’s trouble.。
After all, Linfeng can’t afford this hoe.。
“Big brother,I will slowly investigate this matter.,You are also careful,Best and baby living in a room。”Hong Hai pensive。
“It’s ok,They can’t help me.。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“I have my own life life means。”
“Ok,Big brother,How about this,you live in306Room,I live in the two。”Hong Hai is connected to the next:“This can take care of each other。”
“Ok,According to you。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts。
“Besides,Big brother,You sign this file.。”A document has been handed over to Lin Feng Road between http://www.go-king.cn Honghai.。
Lin Feng took the document,He looked at the content of the contract,His face is mad:“Hong Hai,What is your person??I don’t sign this contract!”
The contract for Hong Hai, Lin Feng, signed, is a contract for the transfer of equity transfer.,Is Honghai Group’s equity transfer contract。
According to the contract,Honghai Group transferred to Lin Feng90%Shares,In other words, Lin Feng has an absolute control of Honghai Group.。
NS77chapter Honghai and black and white hand opinions
“Big brother!”Honghai deep breathing a gap:“I don’t need these money.,And this time is not you,I can’t revenge.,Also tragic,Property will also lose,Because you,Our brothers are not only lost,Hand-blade enemy。”
“Yes,Big brother,You sign it.,Moreover, we have retained10%Equity!”Cheetah and other people have gone,They kneel。
“Have a nonsense to Laozi!”Lin Feng squad:“Let you stay with you.,Less than it is here,All right,I will not sign this contract。”
Lin Feng talking directly to the door。
“Big brother,You listen to me!”Hong Hai’s figure stands up,He stopped Lin Feng’s go to the road.:“You should know the situation of Ma.,She already has a marriage contract!”
“I know,But I will use my own means to relieve this marriage.。”Lin Feng deeply breathed a breath,He looked at Honghai Road:“These wealth should belong to you and brothers。”
“I have retained10%Shares,Big brother,I have enough to spend a few days.。”Honghai looked at Lin Feng Road:“Big brother,I know that you plan to set up an jewelry sales company.,Need a lot of original stone and jade。”
“All right,Don’t say any more。”Lin Feng smiled and took the shoulders of the Honghai.:“I have decided,There is also a horse that will come to the airport immediately to pick you up.。”Talking between Lin Feng’s figure。
Hong Hai and others looked at Lin Feng’s back bitter laugh.。
Lin Feng’s room,Black and white hand is lying on the sofa,His face is even more stiff,Hit the cold,Face is very pale,It’s like the face of the dead.。
Bathroom,Lin Feng looks brightly red bathtub,He bite his teeth finally made a decision.,Then I went out to see the black white hand:“Come over。”

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