Summer diet should pay attention to eliminate hot and humid heatstroke and protect the heart and spleen

Summer diet should pay attention to eliminate hot and humid heatstroke and protect the heart and spleen

Summer is a vibrant season, and the biological world is thriving. The human body is also in a state of rapid metabolism. It is the season when yang is the most prosperous and the season that causes many diseases. It should be paid great attention.

  The summer diet is preferably light, bitter cold, rich in nutrition, and easily digestible foods. Do not eat sticky foods, avoid digestion and digestion, and do not overeat; such as spleen and stomach, such as bitter gourd.

The summer heat is hot, the heat and humidity are heavy, and eating bitter foods can relieve the heat, which can strengthen the spleen and increase appetite.

In addition, summer sweat is more susceptible to yin, and acidic food can reduce sweat.

Tomatoes have the effects of replenishing and quenching thirst, strengthening stomach and digesting food, cooling blood and reducing liver, clearing heat and detoxifying, and lowering blood pressure.

  In summer, the appetite is reduced, and the spleen function is slow. If you eat too much fatty things, it will hurt the spleen and stomach, affect digestion and absorption, and damage your health.

Therefore, the diet should choose mung beans, white lentils, watermelon, lychee, lotus seeds, broad beans, buckwheat, jujube, pork belly, pork, beef, chicken, pigeon, quail, catfish, turtle, turtle, bee milk, honey,Duck, milk, goose, soy milk, sugar cane, pear, etc.

  In terms of summer diet, you need to pay attention to: Fine grains and coarse grains should be eaten together, and thin and dry should be properly arranged.

You should eat three meals of coarse grains a week, preferably two dilute and one dry. In the morning, eat pasta, soy milk, Chinese food, dry rice, and evening porridge.

Food and vegetables should be properly formulated. In summer, vegetables such as vegetables, melons, and beans should be used, supplemented by food.

The meat is preferably lean pork, beef, duck and fish and shrimp.

The elderly are mainly fish, supplemented by lean pork, beef, duck and so on.

Relevant medical experts believe that “Summer is the mainstay of summer.”

In the scorching hot summer, I often eat some foods that are good for my health, which can harden the heatstroke, cool down the disease, and keep fit.

  According to the four-time health rule, people must pay special attention to the protection of the heart throughout the summer.

“Heart is yang, the main yang.”

The yang of the heart can promote blood circulation and has a warming effect on the whole body.

Therefore, the body’s water metabolism, sweat regulation, and so on, are inseparable from the role of the heart.

  The summer solstice is really hot, and the amount of sweating is much greater than other solar terms.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sweat is formed by hydration fluid and is the same source as blood saliva, so there is a statement of “blood homology”.

In the summer, using diet to maintain health, we must grasp the relationship between seasonal and internal organs, and purposefully supplement the energy consumed by the heart to protect the heart.

Summer is hot and rainy, and rheumatic heart disease must be prevented.

  Soups that raise your heart include stewed pig heart with longan cypress and boiled kernels, Tian Qiyu fish soup, duck heart with duck nest, and dehumidified soup with Tian Guan Cao pork belly, Min Mian Chen and Chinese date boiled fish soup, chicken bone grass porkSoup, summer soup can be lotus leaf watermelon peel jellyfish soup, barley winter melon lotus leaf pork bone soup.

  Xiayue Fuyin, the diet should not be too cold.

Watermelon, mung bean soup, black plum xiaodou soup, although it is the best product for quenching thirst and heatstroke, should not be eaten after freezing.

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