“Arrived,Inside lights,Aden should be inside。”http://www.cqfjy.cn

“Let it go。”
Summer is lightly http://www.snc815.cn written,Take the first to push the door。
The light head is deeply exhausted,眼 眼 眼 狠,Also get off。
Summer eyes,“You walk in front。”
The big man is silent and nodded.,I immediately entered the villa’s fall.。
In the hall。
Aden has heard the footsteps。
And getting closer。
Now now,Why can’t he calm it?,Stood up,Gardening looks at the door of the hall。
I quickly saw two people gone.。
The bigger walking in front,He naturally knows,The people followed by the back are blocked.。
But Aden does not care about these,Rush,“Arnold,People?”
Daddy named Arnold did not speak。
He slowly horizontally。
Make a body。
Aden’s smile is hard in his face。
The heart suddenly gave birth to a bad feeling。
But still feel lucky,Watching from the http://www.nanyangroyalhotel-guangzhou.cn summer to Arnold,Bare to squeeze a smile。
“Arnold,He should still poison it now.?”
Arnold mouth is not self-propelled。
This moment,He can’t wait to kill Aden。
哒 哒 哒。
Silence,Summer walks before walking,Trend Aden。
Aden finally changed color。
I am afraid that he is stupid.,Among them, I didn’t know the inside.。
“Ek……Exxter,You,How are you……”
Say,Even himself can’t say it.。
Squeezing a smile on the face,Summer watching,He is backward。
Summer stop,The dark scorpion stares at him.。
“How do you want to die?。”
Eden’s face became difficult to see the pole。
Although he thinks that strength is not good,But more clearly,There is no change in the summer.。

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