Take it to a stone table,First take all the body of a crystalline space。

Repeated steps,Refining,How to find the existence of a crystal space。
Subsequent,Also put the storage of all people.,All in the stone table。
Of course, will not forget,Specially carefully the body of the spirit of the http://www.chc99.cnspirit。
NS3373chapter Windsome
If,Jinli Ling Haijing,It is a heart printing of full body skills,Let the power is full of round,Be sent。
So,Ling Taiwan,This is the heartmaking under the heart of the god.,Gradually evolved into a strip shape。
This shape,A bit similar to the step。
So this realm,Lingchao!Compared to heart printing,Lingtai is more powerful,Yuan force,God’s customs。
The first time in the summer, I saw the real Lingtai.。
As described as described,It’s only one finger.、Thumb、Flashing purple light。
Let him feel unexpected,This Lingtai,Two steps。
“Two steps,Expressing the midst of Lingtai…http://www.yangyangsao.cn …”Summer blinking,Two purple stairs surface,Have a secret lippet of a comparable。
There is only one step in the early days of the spiritual situation.,Mid two,Three in the late,Big is full of four。
Feel the violent energy in the sea,Summer look is slightly pleased。
If it is transformed into its energy,Maybe you can make yourself breakthrough。
Push down the hearts of the heart,Lingtai,Also put all the bodies into the seal space of the chaos。
Start the point of harvest。
Those martial arts,Nothing good things,The most is also some of the soul,And three five ore raw materials。
Even yuan currency,Not tens of millions。
But this Lingtai has a lot of things.。
Only molecular currency,More than 300 million!As for all kinds of collections,More。
Especially the ore refrigeration can rare materials,Direct to http://www.lyzhizuo.cn make summer music。
After all, it is a super strong to the accumulation of thousands of years.,Good things are too much.。
After the spot,Classify it。
The last eyes fell in dozens of books,And a pair of jade skills。
This is the most favorite part of summer.。
I hope to be in the secrets and jade simbs from these collections.,Get something useful to yourself。
Next,He began to read patiently。
Those beast books,Many small and exquisite secrets,It’s a bright。
Several selection in summer,Ready to practice。

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