Chinese women’s volleyball match starts in Fujian Sunshine City

Chinese women’s volleyball match starts, Fujian Sunshine City women’s volleyball team debut in a new era
The day before yesterday, June 20, the Chinese women’s volleyball match kicked off in Sanming.Fujian Sunshine City Women’s Volleyball Day One match, first lost to the US Pacific team 1:3, then beat the American college student selection team 3:1.Today, Xu Jiande’s National Youth Women’s Volleyball Team will compete with two American teams. The former Chinese women’s volleyball coach and now the Deputy Director of the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau Chen Zhonghe will be on the spot.  Compared with the results of participating in the National Women’s Volleyball League last season, the appearance of the Fujian Sunshine City Women’s Volleyball Team has not changed at the first level.First of all, the leader is the former Chinese women’s volleyball national team coach and team leader Hu Jin.First of all, the second set of the team has also been adjusted, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Setter Mi Yang has become the core of the team.In the end, Zheng Yixin, the deputy of the National Youth Women’s Volleyball Team who won the World Youth Championship, returned to indoor volleyball after moving to the sand volleyball court last year.(Huangdu reporter Huang Xuanxuan)

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The entry to Tianhai is still inconclusive, and the veteran has a hard time saying, I just want to stay in the Chinese Super League and have a kick.

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