The latest report of the fourth round of the 2015 NBA Finals: Warriors win Cavaliers 2-2_1

The latest report of the fourth round of the 2015 NBA Finals: Warriors win Cavaliers total score 2-2
On June 12, Beijing time, the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 103-82 on the road, pulling the series score to 2-2.  The Warriors regained their home court advantage.Stephen Curry made 4 of 7 3-pointers, scored 22 points and 6 assists, Klay Thompson 9 points, Andre Iguodala changed into the starting lineup, 4 of 9 3-pointers, scored22 points and 8 rebounds, Harrison Barnes 14 points and 8 rebounds, Drummond Green 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.  LeBron James fought bloody and scored 20 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists, Timofey Mozgov 28 points and 10 rebounds, Tristan Thompson 12 points and 13 rebounds, Matthew DelaviDowa 10 points.JR-Smith only made 2 of 12 shots, including 8 of 3 3-pointers and missed only 4 points.Zhan Huang pointed to the victory of Della’s main battle against Meng God. The Cavaliers controlled the rhythm of the field. James went all out and scored 123 points in three games, setting the NBA Finals record.Confrontation between the new and old MVP, James temporarily prevailed.  Curry won’t catch a fight, the Warriors will make adjustments.Sure enough, in the crucial fourth game, the Warriors sent a small clip to let Iguodala start, and center Bogut came off the bench.  In this way, the Warriors played a pure small segment, Green as the center.As expected by some before the game, the Warriors were desperate.  Three minutes before the opening, the Warriors’ change effect didn’t seem to be good, and the Cavaliers played a wave of 7-0 quickly.It wasn’t until 9 minutes and 36 seconds in the first quarter that Curry shot three points.Since then, the Warriors began a large attack and gradually controlled the rhythm.There were 7 minutes and 28 seconds left in this section. After Mozgov hit a shot, the Cavaliers led 16-9, but Barnes also made a three-pointer. Curry also hit a three-pointer after half of the quarter.The two sides started to fight against each other, which is obviously the rhythm the Warriors like.With 4 minutes and 03 seconds left in this section, Thompson succeeded in running and the Warriors surpassed 22-20.The Warriors are out of control, and there are 31 in this section.At 7 seconds, Iguodala hit another three points, the Warriors led 31-22.After Tristan Thompson made a goal, the Cavaliers trailed by 7 points in the first quarter.  In the last game of the last game, the Warriors scored 36 points, which was the first time in the series to score 30 points.Today they continued the momentum of the previous game and broke through 30 points again in the first quarter.Steve Kerr’s transformation has achieved good results.  This is a rhythm battle.The Cavaliers tried to slow down the second quarter, but the Warriors did not let them do what they wanted.Although the festival fell on both sides, the Warriors were still surrounded by the upper hand.With 9 minutes and 32 seconds left in this section, Thompson hit a three-pointer and the Warriors gained a double-digit advantage 38-28.The Cavaliers’ shooting rate dropped, and free throws couldn’t be felt. To make matters worse, when there were 4 minutes and 43 seconds left in this quarter, James was out of balance, his head hit the camera on the sidelines, and there was blood in his back.James did not deal with the wound, only after wiping it for a while, he continued to play free throws.After he made a free throw, Clay Thompson and Green each made one goal, and the Warriors won a 15-point advantage 48-33.Fortunately, the Cavaliers dominated the basket, Mozgov scored 5 points, narrowing the gap slightly.At the end of the half, the Cavaliers trailed 42-54.  In the first half, James and Tristan Thompson scored 10 points each, while Mozgov scored 13 points, the Cavaliers finished the opponent inside.  The Warriors recovered from a 3-pointer. With 6 of 17 shots in the first half, Green scored 13 points. Klay Thompson and Curry scored 7 points and 8 points respectively.  Iguodala hit a three-pointer at the beginning of the third quarter, and the Warriors scored another 15 points. However, De La Vedova also made a decisive shot. Two of the three-pointers made, James always passed him.The Warriors’ offensive halted, and the hit rate began to decline. The Cavaliers took the opportunity to chase points.With 5 minutes and 25 seconds left in this section, James succeeded in a layup, followed by a successful steal by Delavidovar, the Cavaliers launched a fast break, and James air relay dunk, they only trailed 62-65.Barnes also scored a three-pointer, the Warriors stabilized, but the basket was still controlled by the Cavaliers, the field was glued.The organic scale difference of James narrowed to points, but in this section, there are only 34 free throws and only one penalty.Curry played small, facing Tristan Thompson hit a three-pointer, the Warriors ended the first three quarters 76-70.  The Warriors started the fourth quarter with a wave of 6-0, regaining a double-digit advantage.After playing this section for nearly 3 minutes, the Cavaliers first bloomed.James did not constantly attack the basket like the previous few games, and the Warriors fired from the perimeter. Curry and Iguodala each hit a three-pointer. When there were 7 minutes and 22 seconds left, they scored 88-74.Pull apart.  The Cavaliers can play very few people and must suffer physically. James and others’ defenses are gradually unable to keep up.With 3 minutes and 33 seconds left in the game, James watched Livingston break through, but was unable to stop it, and he could only push him down.Livingston made two free throws, followed by Curry’s breakthrough, easy to make a layup, and with 3 minutes and 06 seconds left in the game, the Warriors won a 19-point advantage with 98-79.  The Cavaliers had to give up, withdrew all the main force, and sent a few Kendrick Perkins and Joe Harris who rarely appeared.In this series, there is garbage time for the first time.The Warriors also withdrew their main force and returned home with a 2-2 record, which was a good result.(Angkor)

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