The entry to Tianhai is still inconclusive, and the veteran has a hard time saying, I just want to stay in the Chinese Super League and have a kick.

The entry to Tianhai is still inconclusive, and the veteran has a hard time saying, “I just want to stay in the Chinese Super League and have a kick.”
Tianhai players underwent high-intensity training this week.Figure / social media from last week until this week, the Chinese Football Association has not officially announced the admission list of the Chinese Super League, Chinese First League, Chinese Second League.The most troubled club in the Super League is Tianjin Tianhai. Although Tianhai reached a full distribution and transfer agreement with Wantong two weeks ago, it is still waiting for admission.The Tianjin Tianhai team has started to prepare normally. The team conducted a 12-minute run of the spring training yesterday. The 29 people of the team have completed 3200 meters. It can be seen that the recent training has been good.However, the access problem still haunts Tianhai team members. Veteran Wang Xiaolong posted a long article on personal social media today to express the team members’ mood.Wang Xiaolong described that after Haitian signed the contract with Wantong Buzzer, “the feeling that the entire team will die and live together to celebrate is a rare experience in my life that I will never forget.”For the waiting time of the next two weeks, Wang Xiaolong admitted frankly:” It’s really tough, we really want to know where the problem is. “Many players always say when they talk to each other, we are all prepared for various days, and we haven’t even thought about the salary. We just want to stay in the Chinese Super League steadily and have a kick.”Wang Xiaolong also issued a cry from the players:” I sincerely hope that the Football Association can get us back on track as soon as possible, can start the new season with all my heart, continue to do everything on the court, and reflect our value.”According to the requirements of the Chinese Football Association, Tianjin Tianhai and Wantong Coaxial have already submitted the corresponding materials.However, the Football Association is cautious. It is reported that the Football Association may interview Wantong Holdings next week to further understand their investment intentions and future operating funds of the Tianhai Club.The prospects for access to Tianhai, and the final result of several China B clubs to make up for China A, still have to “wait again”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Lu Qian

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