Six Desire has only one million box office, Zu Feng said that he has the bottom of his heart

“Six Desire” has only one million box office, Zu Feng said that he has the bottom of his heart
The film is dated by a bizarre case, which is actually talking about the emotional world of depression patients.Zu Feng and Huang Lu played couples suffering from depression in “Six Desire”.  ”Six Desire” 63 points Viewing location: Broadway Studios Guoruicheng Store Number of viewers: 15 people Zu Feng’s self-directed and self-directed movie “Six Desire” released on November 1st, the film focuses on the disappearance of depression and was shortlisted for this year’s Cannes movieThe “one concern” unit of the festival, but the current market response is awkward. Like many literary niche films, “Six Desire” box office is only over one million, and the Douban score is not ideal.Regarding the market feedback, Zu Feng said that he already had the bottom of his heart: “When I chose this alternative, I was very clear about its niche temperament and that it was not as popular as commercial blockbuster.It is impossible to completely ignore market factors, but you should put external factors in the creator ‘s creative process. Many excellent works may not be supported by so many people. At the beginning of creation, we also predicted that only narrowerSome people can understand the story, the important thing is that the film conveys a lot of things worth thinking about.Zu Feng said with a smile, the dismal amount of filming would also cause waves in his heart. He knew that he could not control, and he could only do what he could do well.  The homicide case is an introduction, stressing the inner pressure. In the summer of 2016, Zu Feng got the script of “Six Desire”, “I read the script every time. It ‘s my first time to repent, and I can grind it when I read it again.The presentation and discussion of the future world is very heavy. Although the tone is somber, why are some excellent novels and famous works not this temperament?It is reported that the original title of “Six Desire” was called “Hot”, but Zu Feng felt that the word was relatively thin.The three words “Six Desire” are from the Shurangama Sutra and are Buddhist terms.Zu Feng said that “six desires” represents the seven emotions and six desires of man, and it is precisely what he wants to focus on with the lens: “Six desires are the six heavens of the desire world, because the people in the bureau are also discussing the problem of the soul of the dead, includingWhether another world exists or not, when we are younger, each individual of our lives is at a different stage of life, and the mood is also different.The protagonist in the film has different moods and changes, and the meaning expressed by these words is quite similar, so I used this name.”There have always been movies with excessive depression episodes in foreign countries, such as” Transcendence “in the United States,” Husband Has Depression “in Japan, etc., but domestic films rarely involve depression.” Six Desire “tells the criminal policeman played by Zu FengWhen A Bin detected a broken and bizarre corpse case, he and Huang Xue played the family of the victim’s family, Li Xue, who had different feelings. The two gradually discovered that the other person was suffering from similar pains and suffered depression.Tormented by them, they decided to find an export story together in this world.Many people watch “Six Desire”, at first they thought it was a suspenseful crime film, but the shooting is actually to elicit characters and restore the inner world of the characters. The movie just directly shows the life state of depression patients., And even focus on showing the impact of people around depression patients and how they feel.  Performing Zu Feng is going to play, Huang Lu is going to perform “Mourning” male protagonist A Bin is affected by the girlfriend of a depressed patient. This role is a kind of loneliness exuded from life under huge emotional pressure, which is charming for Zu FengYes, I feel the same: “In the current society, everyone is more or less because of the pressure of work, the fast pace of life, and the rapid development of information. There will be some negative energy in the mind.If it is not cleared in time, it may form a disease.”The whole tone of” Six Desire “is unfortunate. A Bin does everything without desire, and is commented by many people as infiltrating Zu Feng’s personal temperament. Zu Feng smiled and said:” IIt ‘s very similar to A Bin. It ‘s not so flamboyant on many occasions, and I do n’t like to talk. In fact, when I was a director, I was more or less free from the characters. I did n’t immerse myself in the characters all the time.Come out.But the bad thing is that when the director may cause some interference with my actor status, some dramas do have some impact on my state.In the film, Huang Lu performed not only the funeral on Li Xue, but also the “desire” on her.Huang Lu revealed that he had depression when he was a freshman, and even went to the supermarket. When he saw people, he was afraid: “I was afraid of anything I was doing. I was very concerned about what others thought of me. When I was a sophomoreAsk your classmates if you don’t like me. The classmates say no.I thought they didn’t like me at the time, so I called my parents and said they wanted to drop out.During that time, I could not sleep for half a year, and I could not sleep with sleeping pills.Later, after being admitted to the Film Academy and being “cured” by the film, depression, Huang Lu now becomes very “second”.Zu Feng said that he didn’t ask Huang Lu to play or not, but she should have no problem because Zhang Luo ran to eat delicious food as soon as she finished shooting.  ■ Dialogue Zu Feng: Actually, I will not be too sad. Sauna Night Net: The reputation of “Six Desire” is not ideal. Would you go to collect audience feedback online?Will the box office and word-of-mouth affect your plan for the future?  Zu Feng: I have n’t watched it until now. Maybe my whole person is timid (laughs). In fact, when I was in the late stage, I still liked the movie.I ‘m not too sad to have bad reviews. The world ‘s famous books will be criticized. What ‘s more, a “Six Desire” movie?But after this experience, I didn’t find that I was able to change or change my career as a director. It was just that when I was an actor, I met a good script and spent three years doing this.But after finishing this time, I feel confident that even though I was shortlisted for Cannes, I did n’t win a prize. I know that many people will remember who won the prize. It ‘s easy to be forgotten by everyone without facts.It is quite proud to be recognized by professionals, but as to whether or not to be a director in the future, it depends on whether you have the fate to get a suitable script.  Sauna Nightnet: It took three years to make a movie, which may be out of place for the fast-paced movie market today. Is this the normal brewing cycle of your work?  Zu Feng: It is impossible to determine whether it is cost-effective or not, depending on what you want.The life of a person is very short. We do n’t know whether it will continue in the future. It may be more important to use the meaning of doing one thing. If you use the amount of money, about 99% of people will fail, 1%The talents are especially rich.For me, after finishing “Six Desire”, I got off work. During this period, I also missed too many scripts and pushed off a lot of dramas. If I want to concentrate on one thing, I can’t do it twice.  Writing / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan

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