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ly; “not likely you should have ever met Lady Harriet at Mrs. Figgins’s. She is the Earl of Grandcourt’s daughter; and Lord Grandcourt had the reputation of being the proudest nobleman in England.”

“Well, my dear Mrs. Errington,” the spinster would retort, bridling and tossing 深圳按摩女技师 her head sideways, “that could be no reason why his daughter should not have visited the bishop! A dignitary of the Church, you know! And as to family—I can assure you the Figginses were most aristocratically



“Besides, Miss Chubb, Lady Harriet must have been in the nursery in those days. She’s only six-and-thirty. You can see her age in the ‘Peerage.'”

This was a kind of blow that usually silenced poor Miss Chubb, who was sensitive on the score of her age. But, on the whole, she was not displeased at the opportunity of 深圳夜生活 桑拿 airing her reminiscences of London; and she did not always get the worst of it in her encounters with Mrs. Errington.

Mrs. Errington had one listener who, at all events, was never tired of hearing Algy’s letters read and re-read, and whose interest in all they contained was vivid and inexhaustible. Rhoda 深圳桑拿狼友群 bestowed an amount of eager attention on the brilliant epistles bearing Lord Seely’s frank, which even Mrs. Errington considered adequate to their merits.

Often—not quite


always—there would be a little message. “How are all the good Maxfields? Say I asked.” Or sometimes, “Give my love to Rhoda.” Mrs. Errington took Algernon’s sending his love to Rhoda much as she would have taken his bidding her stroke the kitten for him. She did not guess how it set the poor girl’s heart beating. It was only natural that Rhoda’s face should 深圳桑拿水疗服装flush with pleasure at being so kindly and condescendingly remembered. Still less could the worthy lady understand the effect of her careless words on Mr. Maxfield. Once she said in his presence, “Have you any message for Mr. Algernon, Rhoda?” (She had recently taken to speaking of her son as “Mr.” Algernon; a circumstance which had not escaped Rhoda’s sensitive observation.) “You know he always sends you his love.”

“Oh, my young gentleman has not forgotten Rhoda, then?” said old Maxfield, without raising his eyes from the ledger he was examining.

“Algernon never forgets. Indeed, none of the Ancrams ever forget. An almost royal memory has always been a characteristic of our race.” With which magnificent speech Mrs. Errington made an impressive exit from the back shop.

Old Max knew enough to be aware that the tenacity even of a 深圳桑拿多少钱 royal memory had not always been found equal to retaining such trifles as a debt of twenty pounds. But so long as Algy remembered his Rhoda, he was welcome to let the money slip. Indeed, if Algy behaved properly to Rhoda, there should be no question of repayment. Twenty pounds, or two hundred, would be well bestowed in securing Rhoda’s happiness, and making a lady of her. Nevertheless, old Max kept the acknowledgment of the debt safely locked up, and looked at it now and then, with some inward satisfaction. Algernon was coming back to revisit Whitford in the summer, and then something definite should be settled.

Meanwhile, Maxfield took some pains to have Rhoda treated with more consideration than had hitherto been bestowed on her. He astonished Betty Grimshaw by sharply reproving her for sending Rhoda into the shop on some errand.深圳桑拿信息 “Rice!” he exclaimed testily, in answer to his sister-in-law’s explanation. “If you want rice, you must fetch it for yourself. The shop is no place for Rhoda, and I will not have her come there.” Then he began to


display a quite unprecedented liberality in providing Rhoda’s clothes. The girl, whose ideas about her own dress were of the humblest, and who had thought a dove-coloured merino gown as good a garment as she was ever likely to possess, was told to buy herself a silk gown. “A good ‘un. Nothing flimsy and poor,” said old Max. “A good, solid silk gow

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