The golden point of the human body against aging

The “golden point” of the human body against aging

Lead: The golden ratio is 0.
618 must be familiar to everyone, doctors and health experts believe that the human body often follows the golden section rate, many health care points coincide with the golden section, and the gold health point of the human body can delay aging.
After aging, aging is accelerated. If a person’s life is set at 100, the age at which health problems are most likely to occur is around 62 years old. After that, the body begins to accelerate aging.
The average age of the average person is around 38 years old. Therefore, for young people, the 38-year-old has already supported the economy and the family. At this time, the investment in health care can be increased to fight aging.
Sleep golden section: 7.
5 hours a day is a 24 hours a day and night, if the day and night are regarded as each 12 hours, according to the golden rule law, then the ideal sleep time is just 12 hours at night.
618, about 7.
5 hours.
For the average person, this sleep time is very suitable. Generally speaking, sleep should be early, sleep time is no more than 10 o’clock, and the elderly do not exceed 9 o’clock, which is the best routine.
The human body has a golden hole. The human body is the most outstanding art in the world. It is found by the golden section. There are 5 golden holes.
0 to the back of the head.
618 is the Baihui point, in the center of the head, the heel to the toe 0.
618 is the Yongquan point, in the sole of the foot, the sole of the foot to the top of the head.
At 618, it is Guanyuan, which is placed at the bottom of the navel; from the chin, it is located at the head.
618 is the Yintang hole, at the midpoint of the line connecting the two eyebrows; and in the middle part of the human body, the torso is 0.
At 618, it is the middle point of the sputum, in the middle of the connection between the two nipples.
These 5 large acupoints are the main points for anti-aging, and you usually press 鎻?
The golden point of the tooth care 50-year-old teeth will fall off at 59-80 years old, so the golden point of protecting the teeth is 35-50 years old.
For people over the age of 50, there is a simple and practical way to protect your teeth: drink less tea and change into chewing tea. Tea is best with green tea, which can protect your teeth and remove bad breath.
Anti-aging spots protect the visceral gold point of the face of anti-aging focus on protecting the internal organs, while the golden point of the internal organs in the liver and kidney, liver and kidney is not good people, chloasma, age spots grow particularly strong.
Zhang Guozhen said that the golden point of protecting the liver and kidney is on the back, and often using the hollow palm to shoot the back can accelerate liver and kidney detoxification, and the skin color will become better.
People who have already had a spot can use homemade mask, 30 grams of raw almond meat (note the choice of bitter almonds, because bitter almonds have a whitening effect), 200 ml of water, put it into a crusher, and add two tablespoons of glycerin.When the mask is applied.

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