Lin rave opens the carriage curtain,The woman inside is frightened in a piece。

The woman saw that the person I saw before.,She is like grasping a life-saving straw:
“It’s you。help me,Ask you to save me。”
Lin Ren reach out,Woman lightly holding,Broughted from the carriage。
She is exposed to the limb contact,Rain water is also blocked outside。
Women feel《Water》Magic,Surprising,More worried about the dead house。
Lin Run with her to the corpse,Gently touched the body,Head is falling。
The woman is hiding in the forest, she shakes behind the body.。
The head of the forest rolls on the ground,Wound feels like once。
“I think of it.。”
The last Chenghuang Temple,Paper people who are disguised into a forest are like this to cut down the head.。
“save,help me。”
The woman has been scared at this moment.。
She is usually a towel and does not let the eyebrow,But just cut the head of the heart of the family.,I have no idea now.,Just seek high people in front of you can help her。
“where is your house?”
“exist,At the government。”
“I will send you in the past。”
Lin rang the hand of the woman。
The woman feels unprecedented warm in the rain.。
Although this time is not very suitable,But in this way, walk in the rain,Let her can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the rain。
Lin randably took her through a lane,Come to the front of the government,Send her to the shunt。
“First,gentlemen。Go in me。”
She has not been there yet.,Lin looked away。
She laughed。
Such a high person,What can I thank him??
What else wants to reject?
Delivery forest ring disappears。
She steals the next wish under the rain curtain.:
I hope this rain is,Can see him again。
Lin longs sent women to the house,Strolling in the rain,Soon arrived in Chengnan Xiaode Temple。
Push the temple door,No one in the air。
I didn’t expect this temple that is still a wealth of wealth.。
The people of Pingyang Government like to make a fortune, it can be seen.。
Lin ring jumped to the table。

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