In addition to occasional people,I thought that I couldn’t hit my unca n’t clean.,What is not caused by the crowd?。

Next to the next resident city,I only have a lot of officers and men who have a lot of riding a yellow flag.,Some knives are tired、Others are climbing roof——This is to make it easy to use the bow.,It’s really not small.!
And the officers and men harassment, In addition to two“Folk girl”Outside,Others have no happening……
Chu Deeng’s expectations are right,In addition to two“Folk girl”,The other three women are really what he knows.!
When one is one person is too mini god female Wang Yin——Purple、Solemn、Day market,But“Three”。
Name today’s astronomy,Twenty eight stars are similar to“Constellation”,and“Three”It is three days.。
A purple is thinking about the name of the three,To distinguish between the Star。
Three 垣“Purple 垣”headed by,Although the martial arts is not as good as Wang Yin,But I am young,A sister is called,Also said that your name has“purple”,Not occupy one“Purple 垣”,Wang Yizhen and Mu Yuqing also let her,It’s all the vanity of the little girl.。
After that, Wang Yin is naturally too nasty god.、Mu Yixin is a lanyard,but……It is not until a battle in Lushan soon.,Three gods do not play signboards,Make people in the rivers and lakes don’t dare to be underestimated。
certainly,People who don’t know in the rivers and lakes is,In addition, the two gangs and Wang Yizhen are in the martial arts.……
At this point, Wang Yin’s martial arts,Already a first-class peak——Put in five years ago,This level is completely known,Ability to pass on the future generation,However, the overall strength of people in the rivers and lakes in these two years is not small.,Therefore, there is still some reluctance.。
First-class,Just the first class;Peerless,It is a few decades after the body.、Hundred years,Lift this person,There is also its legend in the rivers and lakes.。
Natural standard,Also flattened with the overall strength。
But no matter how,Wang Yizhen wants to have a hard army basically no hope,But that means the army of array on the plain、Or the charge of the cavalry,Now this city,Is road war,The role of the human battle is significantly reduced,Cannot be array。
“Bold people!Dare to kill the governance,Immediately,Otherwise, all arrows,Call you to die without a funeral place!”A protected officer shouted。
“Zhang Da Ge,You don’t hurt them.……”Wei Xiaobao is on the side,Also wearing the leader of helmet,But because of a short figure and the appearance of Wu Wan.,Quite a little Mu monkey。
“Weidu,You can rest assured.!Brotherhood,Besides, this is Shaolin’s eyelids.,Brothers are also fast-moving speed,Not a lot of trouble。”This surname is also a whisper to Wei Xiaobao。
“But what Feng Shui Bao is this Lushan?Such a fairy,Can actually appear at the same time?”Wei Xiaobao looked at the people who hid in Wang Yan’s three people,From time to time, look at the three women who sent themselves.。
Ok,Aspect,Call“People armored”Some grievances,Be……Shenfu geese,Close moon shame!
Not like Wang Yin, Qing Li、With the secluded pure;Don’t seem to invite the moon、With the shares called ordinary people, they don’t dare to look up and look at the cold.;Not like the small dragon girl、Elegant with a Girl in the world……
This“People armored”Unlike the appearance,And this three people at the same level,only……I would like to be unbeaten in the East that God is going to be large.!
Eastern unbeaten Tuen mother,It can be said that it is a mold that will be used as a congenital sun.,Take pictures“beautiful”Standard in shaping,Unlike the same point of appearance,And personal temperament is also very……protrude。
This“People armored”Except for appearance,Uncoordinated,If the Chu Deiren saw it,Give a sigh:Wooden soul……
It doesn’t say that she is sluggish.,But it’s my own spirit,Don’t move, she can only use it.“Shenfu geese、Close moon shame”Description、Classic beauty!
Be right,Be no longer,It is the woman of Chen Yuanyuan——Aunt。
Today, I will provoke trouble.……
Washed by Wei Xiaobao,On the spot, Xi Xiaobao was secretly swearing in his heart.,I have to marry her in this life.——That is, he does not practice internal strength.,Otherwise, what do you practice?,Don’t get angry into the magic!
For a time, Wei Xiaobao is also attended by himself.,I have to stop the road.,And he as a guard、Now the actual commander hooks this five hundred people’s good brothers Zhang Kang、Zhao Qixian,Also understand the meaning of your brother,It’s going to stage a strong sewage woman.。
Aunt is also true of martial arts,only……
Kung Fu is three feet,So behind the three gods,Look“Folk girl”Got up。
She and her sister Aqi,At Master,This is extremely disgusting,Immediately say,As a result, although the two officers and men http://www.jllongda.cnwere seriously injured.,But where is the opponent of other guards??
No master,Ordinary officers and men,They can’t help……
Fortunately, at this time,Wang Yizhen three people pass,At first, some official dared to grab the people,I will see it in the scene.,Wang Yizhen,I went a few good hands in front.——Qing court,If you don’t think about the peak,Master of the rivers and lakes,Even the strongest Zhang,I am afraid that it is not her opponent.。

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