“So you are very famous?I have just met you, Gogi also knows you.,Also said to give the payment to your investment。”

Jennifer is curious,It is relatively simple before her life circle.,go to school、Play a play,Because of your young,I don’t like to watch news.,Will not personally make money,All handed over to parents help management。
“……So say so,If you have to pick up the most money from the United States,Then I should be one of them.。”
After listening to this sentence,Jennifer Yi Question,Paste your eyebrows, see Chen Linzhi,It seems that it is unlikely,Question:“That is how rich,I have money in my impression should be much older than you.。”
“The news in the top of the mountain is recently built in the top of the mountain.,I don’t know if you have heard of it?,That’smine,Almost 3 billion US dollarship price,In fact, I am not very clear.,Some shares of shares that are not listed companies cannot be estimated,Only by estimating probably conclusions。I used to be a poor child in Chinatown.,No parents like you are so big,I want to take out two hundred dollars.,Also did some wrong things,Later, I started doing business.,I found that I have talented this line.。”
Chen Linzhi wants to pass his own charm,Then the other party took the initiative to ask,So talk about her problem。
When the star earns money, it is much easier than ordinary people.,Compared with some of the business people,Not in one isometric level。
Put on,Chen Linzhi attacked the sentence:“Still talking to you,The skills of business are quite ignorant,How can I come to San Francisco today??My friend likes Boji,I heard that it is an opportunity to create a meeting.。”
“Because of my holiday,Listening to Shaji said to come to San Francisco to find a friend,So I followed it for a few days.,So you have a bad emotion to the crew group,It is said that the director is very poor.。”
The same as those who have more strict people with other tutors,This time I found a chance to drink.,Jennifer also tried more frequently。
To say that Jennifer has a good sense of Chen Linzhi,I can’t talk about it.,Nothing is a chance to meet new friends,Chat together,This is from the distance to San Francisco,She is mainly to adjust the status,In order to make progress in their career。
Chen Linzhi occasionally looking for a topic,Ask some entertainment circles,Although the atmosphere is not much better,But not in the cold field。
His financial resources deal with adult girls have the most killed,Especially those who want to hold the thigh.,Jennifer is worrying off from the small dress,Also in the age of feeling more important,Although there is a question,There is still a strange sense of strangeness,Really not a high cooling,Just character。
Good social skills in Chen Linzhi,Eliminate quickly。
More than ten minutes,Newman holds two large juice cups come out,Inside the color different Margaret cocktail,This yacht usually takes out part of the party,Wine cellar never lack alcohol and wine ingredient。
He smiled and asked Chen Linzhi and Jennifer.:
“Take advantage of us,What are you talking about??Jennifer,Seek time to bubble to this most dollyled young man in California,Don’t say a movie,Buy all the large movie companies,What is the script that you want a script?,Which director is going to shoot?,Oscar’s judges have seen him to call your brother.,It is simply the enchanting in the financial industry.,The annual tax payment is higher than that of some listed companies。”
NS374chapter The opportunity is created
Newman as a qualified cabinet,Help Chen Linzhi, throw a look,Probably“I finished,Next, look at you。”
Chen Linzhi is still coming,Laugh:“I am a little interest in investment movies.,Since Jennifer, you are friends with Po Ji,What is the founding of the Square aus??At that time, Newman will help me make people.。”
Newman,Give respect。
I want Chen Linzhi to create opportunities for themselves,I am willing to take millions of dollars or even tens of millions of dollars.,Which girl can pick such a bubble??Sure enough,Brother!
Talk more,After the initial understanding,Coupled with alcohol,The atmosphere is gradually active。
Newman is responsible for controlling the overall provision of the atmosphere,Don’t worry about it。
Didn’t talk about your future、Dreams and the like,Bo Ji·Small silk gossip tells the various things happening in the entertainment circle,Among them, there is always a small age. I almost always follow Michael.·Jackson。
This incident Chen Linzhi never know,I feel very rare.,Take the snack as a wine,A cup is connected to a cup。
Tonight, the scale is very small.,Even if you can’t talk, it’s a party.,More like a few friends who are not so familiar with drinking,Breeze look at the starry sky,Yacht hooks with the waves,Very interesting。
Chen Linzhi proposes to invest in their movies,There is no representation on the surface of the two girls.,Instead, Newman jumps.,Pakistan can not act as a producer,Take this opportunity to stay with Biji。
http://www.0733shw.cn Jennifer·Connell from primary school ballet,It seems that it is a movie that is competitive a dancing theme。
She just said that there is no time,It’s going to be too good to be in the style of the art movie box office that is asked by the Boji.,Also talents Jennifer If you wish you to wear some clothes,Definitely be able to burst,Attracting a big gang of director grabbing her cooperation with her。
Stating a movie,Chen Linzhi’s theme in the brain sea,E.g《Titanic》、《fast and Furious》、《Hungry Games》、《tomb Raider》、《resident Evil》These,It belongs to a movie that is likely to be called another seat.,Even if it may not reach the height of his memory,But I am very suitable for playing,By the way, take the relationship with this beautiful girl。
How many times,Many opportunities are created by hand。
Diligence can make http://www.qmysl.cn up the word,Set in men and women also apply。
A few cups of wine,Just feel comfortable,Chen Linzhi told them in this case.《resident Evil》Besides《tomb Raider》,War for preparation for singing elevated programs with the previous time,I only remember the approximate framework.,Even if you really choose a ticket investment to enter the film circle,You also need to find someone to help through the outline to organize the right scriptures.。
It is not too worrying that the director is not too worrying.,Spielberg、Cameron and others Chen Linzhi remember。
Refer to the American drama《Walking dead》The first episode start,Chen Linzhi compiled a new story background with a biochemical virus swept,In an instant, I attracted the attention of Bogi and Jennifer.。
Jennifer compared to Jennifer,Boshi’s character is undoubtedly more。

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